Crawley Down

It's YOUR VILLAGE so be sure that you have your say!

The Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee has simple aims: to support the community and protect its heritage.

During the next twelve to eighteen months some of the most important decisions to affect our village will be made.

Why are we preparing a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 has enabled local people to make their views known about the future of their areas and to have these opinions taken into account when future planning decisions are taken by Parish and Borough Councils. The intent is to make the process more ‘bottom-up’ rather than ‘top-down’ and to give local people’s views more weight.

These decisions will affect the shape and size of Crawley Down and, if this is a village that you feel part of and care about, they will affect you.

Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan Site Updates

Referendum Results

Total votes cast 1415 representing 33.1% of the electorate.

1359 (96%) were for YES and 56 (4%) for NO

CDNP Referendum Plan (PDF 4.1mb)
CDNP MSDC changes highlighted (PDF 4.9mb)
Plan Summary for Referendum (PDF 2.0mb)

Further information and documents can be found on the MSDC website

Referendum Documents can be viewed in our Library

September 2015 : Worth Parish Council and MSDC are working towards a Referendum in November.
August 2015 : The Independent. Examiner has Approved the Plan and Recommended that it is voted on in local referendum.

Draft Plan Site Updates

12 January 2015 (Library - Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan as submitted (December 2014) View
12 September 2014 (Library - Appendix A1 (September 2014) View
09 September 2014 (Library - Appendix A2 (September 2014) View
09 September 2014 (Library - Appendix A3 (September 2014) View
09 September 2014 (Library - Draft Plan Summary (September 2014) View
05 September 2014 (Library - Appraisal of Submission Neighbourhood Plan Policies (September 2014) View
01 September 2014 (Library - CDNP Pre-Submission Draft Plan (September 2014) (for comment)) View

Other Site Updates

03 June 2015 (Library - Legal and General argue that building more homes to downsize/retire to will release larger houses (in line with policies in the Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan) Three items from Daily telegraph) View
01 April 2015 (Library - Various historic documents) View
17 February 2015 (Library - Local Highway Network) View
12 January 2015 (Library - Proposed housing density calculation) View
25 November 2014 (News Items - Notes for full WPC committee meeting on 13 November added) View
21 November 2014 (News Items - latest minutes of Crawley Down NP Committee) View
01 September 2014 (Library - Desktop Biodiversity Report (February 2014)) View
19 August 2014 MSDC Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report. - View
18 August 2014 (Library - Draft Pre-Submission Draft Plan for comment) View
16 July 2014 (Library - Draft Policies for comment) View
19 May 2014 (Library - Scoping Report for Sustainability Appraisal now released to Statutory Bodies for comment) View
( Statutory Bodies have until Tuesday 24th June 2014 to comment.)
9 April 2014 (Library - Crawley Down Housing Survey results and Executive Summary) View
24 March 2014 (News - A Safer W. Sussex, your chance to give your views on policing priorities. Survey closes April, 11th.) View
03 March 2014 (Library - State of The Village, MSDC District Plan, National Planning Policy Framework, CD Housing survey.) View
17 January 2014 (News Items - Government News - some Plan prematurity advice promised - Common land concern) View
17 January 2014 (News Items - BBC News - 1.5bn 'community cash' unspent by English councils) View
06 December 2013 (News Items - Government News - some Councils taking note of emerging Neighbourhood Plans) View
23 October 2013 (Library - Full results of NP questionnaire added) Also on library page
23 October 2013 (Library - Housing Land Availability Assessment available for comment) Also on library page
04 October 2013 (Wiltshire Council has refused a proposed 350-home development) View
05 September 2013 (Under 16s Section - competition entries and winners) View
29 August 2013 (Library - Letter from Banks Solutions re Local Plan Examination) View
19 August 2013 (News - Scoping report being finalised) View
19 August 2013 (News - Hastoe development approved against WPC objections) View
09 July 2013 (News - latest minutes) View
09 July 2013 (Library - latest revision of scoping report and questionnaire) View
09 July 2013 (Library - results of children's survey) View
09 July 2013 (Winning competition posters from children's competition added) View
23 May 2013 (News - latest minutes)View
20 May 2013 (Under 16s page added) View
16 May 2013 (News, MSDC draft District Plan submitted) View
23 April 2013 (Library - latest revision of scoping report and questionnaire) View
22 April 2013 (On-line Questionnaire) View
22 April 2013 (News Items - Planning Applications) View
22 April 2013 (News Items - Government News) View
15 April 2013 (Major Issues - Hot Topics) View
15 April 2013 (Major Issues - emerging Trends) View
12 April 2013 (News Items) View
11 April 2013 (Library)View
10 April 2013 (News - latest minutes)View
09 April 2013 (External links) View
08 April 2013 (News items, library and external links)


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