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Response to Nexus regarding their proposals for a development south of Hazel Close. (July 2015)

Private survey of proposed Hastoe development

A private survey of public opinion was conducted at the Haven Centre on the 22nd March during, but separate to, the Hastoe presentation. 105 survey forms were issued on a one per household basis. 59 responses were received. A small number (about 10) of visitors to the exhibition declined to take a form. The majority of these claimed to be local councillors.

The survey analysis has been submitted to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group may as evidence for the Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan.

The analysis claims two clear messages:

  • that the location is a poor choice for this type of development; and
  • that any new development in Crawley Down is unwelcome if there is no associated investment in infrastructure.

The author makes the point that, less apparent in the analysis but present in the comments is the inherent fairness of Crawley Down residents - they accept that genuine housing needs of local people should be met locally, but they don't believe that there is a significant genuine need in Crawley Down, or that the new houses will go to existing residents in the longer term.

The survey has been provided to Worth Parish Council and will be forwarded to District councillors to inform them of residents’ views. A copy of the survey questionnaire and results may be downloaded from Here

The author questions the validity of using the 2009 Housing Needs Survey (conducted by Action in Rural Sussex for Worth Parish) and the Common Housing Register to evaluate genuine need and therefore justify development. He makes the point that MSDC intend to conduct a new survey later in 2013 and requests that any decision be delayed pending the results of that survey.

That proposal was put to the Annual Parish Meeting of 15th April and carried. It was further suggested that the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group be involved in any such survey to ensure that Crawley Down owns the definition of “genuine need” and that the survey reflects this. Worth Parish Council were requested to make this requirement known to MSDC.

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